Activator Chiropractic Technique

This technique is used to address neurological as well as joint dysfunction in the spine and extremities. The unique hand-held instrument is designed to give you a very specific, low force adjustment. The activator instrument delivers a controlled, light and fast thrust without causing undue strain to the patient. These adjustments are delivered 20-30 times faster than we can with out hands, requiring much less force than manual techniques.

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Andrew WeilThere are many forms of chiropractic manipulation, but all focus on correcting structural misalignment in the body to address problems such as low back pain, neck pain, extremity problems and sciatica. Some chiropractic techniques utilizing forceful movements, including adjustments that require neck cracking and other types of physical manipulation, often raise concerns over possible injury and discomfort. The good news is that low-force chiropractic techniques can yield positive results without relying on more aggressive tactics.

One example of such a technique is the Activator Method. Practitioners trained in this method utilize a step-by-step methodology to first identify a patient’s problem, and then determine precisely where, when (and when not) to make the chiropractic adjustment. Structural realignment is then completed using a low-force device called the Activator Adjusting Instrument, a hand held device with a tension coil and plunger that produces a swift pulse of low force at high speed.

Chiropractic sessions using this technique are safer than the traditional high force manipulations because the head is kept in a neutral position; there is no turning or twisting while the adjustment is being delivered. The Activator Method is particularly beneficial to pediatric and geriatric patients because of its gentle approach. Patients who resist getting a chiropractic adjustment due to fear of injury or apprehension about forceful manipulation have found the Activator Method is virtually pain-free and very comfortable.

The Activator Method had undergone clinical trials to measure its safety and efficacy, and the supporting research lends itself to referrals by physicians and other health care providers. I have found low-force chiropractic treatments such as the Activator Method to be reliable and efficacious, and I recommend them in my clinical practice when indicated.

Bio Energy Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T)

B.E.S.T is a procedure designed to directly remove high brain interference from expression in the physical body. Developed to identify and then remove interference caused by stored emotional patterns, the procedure allows the patient to consciously focus on certain feelings that have been stored in the brain as memory engrams and subsequently allow the sub-conscious portions of the brain to update for current need rather than past experience. Once the patient’s body is functioning based on current, updated need, rather than a series of past experiences, true healing can and will occur.

Surface Electromyography (S.E.M.G)

Dr. Taylor also utilizes advanced non-invasive neurological scans to monitor the nerve supply to your muscles. The muscles are controlled by nerves. The thermal scan also done provides us with information to monitor nerves to internal organs so we can access them for organ function.