Thanks to Dr. Taylor I now feel much more vibrant and ‘light on my feet’ again.

By January 26, 2017 No Comments

When I started seeing Dr. Taylor a few months ago, I was feeling quite literally dragged down.  My body felt like a dead weight and I was having trouble enjoying my usual activities.  While walking, I felt as if I couldn’t pick my feet up and I didn’t dare run for fear of stumbling.  Jumping rope with my granddaughters, one of my favourite activities, felt impossible–there were days when I couldn’t get my feet off the ground.  My shoulders were tense and my headaches were returning.  I’d lost my usual vibrancy and had developed a brain fog.  I’d been away from chiropractic treatment for a while after moving to Welland and I just wasn’t myself.  Thanks to Dr. Taylor I now feel much more vibrant and ‘light on my feet’ again.  The fog is lifting and I’m able to think more clearly.  What a difference.  I am a firm believer in preventative measures when it comes to my health.  Investing in chiropractic care has always offered high returns.  Just months away from turning 60 I feel as healthy as, or perhaps healthier than, I did in my 30’s.  Thank you, Dr. Taylor, for your care and kindness and for making me feel ‘right at home’ when I come for my treatments.  And thank you Lena for making each appointment special with your friendly, caring ways. 

Kate Kiernan